Business and Marketing

        Consultation: Business- $40/hr
                                 Marketing- $35/hr
                                 SEO- $25/hr
        Administrative Work: $25/hr

        Business Plan: $1650-$2200
        Marketing Plan: $1000-$1800


Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images


       Resumes: $55

      Cover Letter: $60

Resume and Cover Letter Package: $95. You save $20!
 Web Content: 10c/wd up to 500 words, 8.5c/word for 500-700 words, 6c/wd for 700 words or more.
                                                                                                 Print Content: 12c/wd for up to 500 words, 10.5c/wd 600-800 words, 8c/wd for 800 words and up.

*Rewrites: If rewrite requested for my original work, the first one is free. Further rewrite requests will be honored at 3c/word. Elegant Expressions Creative Services will honor no more than 3 rewrite requests in total. For rewrite requests for other  people's work, the charge is 4c/wd.                

      Resume: $50

     Cover Letter: $50
    Both: $85- Bundling Saves you $15

 Proofreading: $9/pg or 4c/wd
Copy Editing: Light-$15/pg or 6c/wd, Heavy- .12c/w or $30/pg, Website: $45/hr
     Substantive/Line Editing: $35/pg or 14c/wd
     Developmental Editing: $40/pg or 16c/wd


     Flier (includes content): Online- $25;

                                              Print- $25+ Printing Cost
     Newsletter or Brochure (no content, only layout):                                                  Online: $30/pg
                                              Print: $40/pg


  Original Web Content: 11c/wd up to 500 words;      9.5c/wd for 500-700, 8c/wd for 700 words or more.
                                                                                            Original Print Content: 12c/wd up to 500 words; 10.5c/wd for 500-700 words, 9c/wd for 700 words or more.                                                                          


* For resumes and Cover Letters in Technical Fields, please add $10

* A page, regardless of the type of work, is equal to 250 words.

*  All projects requiring short turn-around times will incur a 25% rush fee. For smaller projects, this includes any projects requiring project completion within 72 hours. For larger    projects, this means projects requiring a turn-around within 14 days.

* If You Wish To Order A Business Or Marketing Plan, It Is Highly Recommended That You Also Order At Least An Hour Of Consultation.

*A deposit is required for all new clients. That deposit is 50 percent of the total project cost. Repeat clients will only be required to put down a 25 percent deposit.

*Clients will be required to sign a contract for all long-term projects and some short-term projects

*Please add two cents per word for highly technical web or print content



        -NonprOfIts receive 10% off the Total Package PricE

        -Editing Rates for Students are $15/page

        -Sliding Scale Available on a Case By Case Basis